Your Investor Relations

High Quality Components that can be dropped in to
your listed company's website today


Share Prices

Promote your company's listed status by displaying the current share price and related trading data for your company. Flexible formatting options give you the freedom to display share price data anywhere on your website.

Historical share price lookup and share performance calculator tools are also available.

Beautiful Charts

Share price charts quickly summarise your company's share price performance over predefined or user selected time periods.

Our interactive share price charts are simple, clear and purpose built for online IR communications. Optional features include benchmarking your share price performance against industry peers/indexes, downloading chart data and access announcement documents directly from the chart.

Sparklines and bar charts can provide an alternative and interesting way to present historical time series data in a small space

Company Announcements

Save time, eliminate errors and remove administrative burden by automating the process of uploading your Exchange released company announcements to your website. As soon as the Exchange publicly releases your announcements, YourIR can make them available on your website.

A full announcement archive can be made available and browsed easily using the advanced filtering and search features.

Displaying specific announcement types or your most recent announcements can easily be achieved.

Email Alerts

YourIR's Email Alert service helps you communicate more effectively online and build stronger relationships with investors and stakeholders.

Visitors to your website can choose to subscribe to 3 different Email Alert services.

  • News - Email automatically sent when a new company announcement has been released by your company.
  • End of day prices - Email summarising the days trading activity at the close of each trading day.
  • Corporate communications - Email sent by your IR team on an ad-hoc basis.

YourIR provides full email list management and emails can be customised on a per client basis.


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Try it now

You can use YourIR right away by following these steps.

Data for will be returned.

When you are ready to launch, contact us and we will provide you with a link to a tailored script to replace the example one.

The stock that appears on your pages will automatically change to your own listed instrument with no further effort.

  1. Add our example javascript to your page:
    <script src=""></script>
  2. Add fields, charts and announcements:
    <span data-yourir="price"></span>
    <span data-yourir="change"></span>
    <div data-yourir="priceChart1"></div>
    <div data-yourir="announcements"></div>
  3. Style them to exactly how you want them to look with CSS:
                    .yourir-change .yourir-positive { color: #00ff00; }
    .yourir-chart-price { stroke: #ff0000; }

YOURIR Advantages

Simplified development

YourIR can be integrated into your website with just a few simple lines of HTML and styled using CSS.

All UI controls, business logic and error handling is included leaving your web developers to focus only on the presentation of the information.

Web developers love YourIR. A typical implementation can be completed in under an hour.

Highly Customisable

YourIR can be customised to blend in with your websites visual identity and brand.

The high level of customisation available ensures the service can be integrated in a cohesive and seamless way.

Customisation is simple and takes place at the HTML and CSS level.

A modern approach

YourIR works on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers whilst remaining compatible with older browsers still in some corporate environments (IE6).

YourIR has no dependencies on client side plugins like Java, Flash or Silverlight allowing them to be displayed effortlessly to your end users.

YourIR works flawlessly within websites that employ responsive web design which is especially important given the growing trend towards the mobile internet.

IR Best Practice

YourIR enables your Investor relations team stay up to date with industry best practices for Online Investor Relations communications and meet some of the recommendations set down by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.

Chi-X Data included

Multi venue trading has been a reality in Australia since the launch of Chi-X in 2011. The trading activity on Chi-X has grown quickly and can no longer be ignored.

By default YourIR includes Chi-X market data within relevant components like stock quotes and charts.

Reduce admin overhead

YourIR allows your IR team to focus on more productive activities by automating laborious administrative tasks and providing key content investors and stakeholders expect when visiting your corporate website.

Expert guidance

The team at YourIR are experts in Online Investor Relations.

The online examples and documentation provide all the necessary information to implement our services. However, should you come unstuck we will provide guidance to ensure a fantastic end result.

Platform independent

YourIR will work on any webpage and is not restricted to a particular hosting platform or need to be bundled with a complex content management system.

No-nonsense pricing

Straight forward, flat rate pricing with no long term contracts makes YourIR a risk free choice.

Affordable pricing plans are available for the smallest of micro-caps to largest bluechip company.


Small Cap
< $200m

  • All components
    excluding Email Alerts
  • No setup fees
  • No long term contracts

Large Cap
> $1B

  • All components
  • No setup fees
  • No long term contracts
The Small Print

Flat rate monthly fee based on the market capitalisation of the listed company. Fees quoted per instrument. Discounts available for dual listed or multi instrument companies. Add 50% for use in multiple domains (i.e. Internet & Intranet). Setup fees may apply for custom Email Alert templates. Fees charged in native currency (NZX listed stocks - NZD, ASX listed stocks - AUD). Prices exclude Australian GST.

About Us

Experience Matters

YourIR is a service of Iguana2, a Sydney based software development company that specialises in the aggregation and supply of share market data.

YourIR makes the most of Iguana2's 20+ years of experience delivering high quality online investor relations services to hundreds of listed companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Official Provider

Iguana2 sources its market data directly from the exchanges via the same high speed, redundant networks used by industry professionals.

Iguana2 is an official Exchange Market Information Vendor and is formally licensed to redistribute market data to third parties.